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B.R.G. has magnificent experience in residential projects. We are good at handling different types of residential unit regardless if they are new, old, small,medium-sized houses or even luxury apartments, "Human-centered" business philosophy leads us to create unique designs that meet your personality, style and lifestyle. Thus, we understand the importance of a beauty-function hybrid design in Hong Kong, where land scarcity problem is severe. Our designers are very good at space planning, using colors to create a vision beyond the actual space; and then through tailor-made furniture to meet the storage needs. Smart elements is another highlight in our design service by which help you build a home with thought and “SMART”. Create unlimited possibilities in a limited space" is B.R.G.'s residential design service.



B.R.G. helps the bosses to create an ideal working space for every employee. Under the design that stands out the business characteristics, we usenatural elements base on the industry, culture and work processes in order to create a relaxing and feeling-home working environment. Making use of decorations and design installations to add more fun elements into the workplace, employees can jump out of the tedious tradition and stimulate enormous creativity that boost up motivation. B.R.G. design also includes environmental conservation concept. By using painting colours to strengthen sunlight and dividing space in right angle with suitable materials to increase ventilation and reduce air conditioning, they help to reduce energy consumption meanwhile create a low-carbon green office. 

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Restaurant / Retail / Visual Merchandising

B.R.G. holds the same "customer-oriented" concept as you. So we can think from the perspective of your customers and design a store that can catch the eyeballs of your target audience, while highlighting the product / service features. From the moment your customer is passing by the display window to entering the store, message of the product / service can be completely send to your customers. A creative and correct commercial interior design can definitely make you stand out in the highly competitive business environment.

How to get a design quote?

The fastest way to get a quote is to contact us directly at +852 92377545 to schedule a free on-site consultation and get a preliminary quotation. You can also send us email, message us in FACEBOOK / INSTAGRAM or fill in the inquiry form in our website. Our designer will contact you shortly and  provide free consultation according to your needs.


Are there any additional charges for onsite consultation and getting a quote?

On-site consultation and quoting services are free of charge.

How long does it take to get a quote?

Our system records more than 100 types of interior design services in the market, thus, we can provide you with a preliminary quote right after the onsite consultation.. According to the preliminary quotation, you are free to add or remove items. After modifying and confirming the design, a complete quotation can be provided..


Are there any additional charges for design drawings services (floor plans, construction drawings, 3D renderings, etc.)?

All design drawings are included in one-stop interior design services for free. We will not charge extra.


How can I get the updates of the project?

Your designer will report the real-time progress of the project to you by phone, text message, photo and video regularly. You are also welcome to contact the designer at any time and make an appointment to have on-site inspection.


Can I ask the designer to help on purchasing materials and decoration items for me?

By providing your requirements and budget for furnishing materials, interior decorations and accessories, we will advise you on the most suitable items. If needed, our designer can also accompany you to the shop for buying all the items.


What is the procedure of helping on purchasing materials and furnishing items?

The cost of all purchased items will be recorded down according to the receipt without additional charges. A detailed purchasing log sheet with every single item and their price will be provided so you can know everything at a glance. 


What is the definition of one-year structural warranty?

Within one year from the day of check and acceptance, any structural problems occur due to renovation works or custom-made furniture, we will provide maintenance service for free. Free warranty service is not applicable on human damage or natural depreciation.

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