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Site inspection service conducted by experienced designer to provide you with free interior design consultation, and on the spot preliminary quote .


Transparent and clear charges by listing out the details and price of each section and the corresponding fitting out works.


Every item in the contract has a detailed breakdown and explanation You do not need to worry about paperwork, we will handle that for you.


Realizing your dream house by mapping out from floor plans, to 3D rendering and construction drawings.


The whole project is handled and monitored by experienced and dedicated designers. Regular reports are provided to keep you up-to-date on the project.


To ensure achieving the best result within the specified budget, our designer will search and suggest the best materials, including furnishing materials, fitting accessories and decorations.


Perfect post-sales service with one-year free structural warranty.

1. Inquiry via Telephone, Email, Online Platforms

After receiving your inquiry, our designer will contact you immediately. By knowing the basic information of the flat, such as address, unit size, move in time, combining with your ideas and preferred design style, we will introduce the suitable service to you and explain the design process.


2. Site Visit and Providing Suggestions:

We provide site visit and inspection service. Through analysing the house conditions and space measurement , as well as base on your design idea, we can provide a preliminary quote using a in house system that records more than 100 interior design services in the market simultaneously .


3. Complete Project Quotation:

A preliminary design plan is provided based on the site visit result.  As "human-centered design" is B.R.G.philosophy, your opinions always go first. We will discuss with you all the way from layout, style preference to detailed setting, and even special designs tailored to small habits of you and other house users. Then, we shape your dream house by our professionalism in design, space, colour matching and decoration. Our designers can always discover your personal characteristics and present it through using the right lighting, fabrics art, detailed decorations and potted plants in order to create an interior design that matches your style.


After revising and confirming the design, a complete quotation will be provided for the entire project.

4. Contracting:

Official contract will be prepared and signed by two parties after agreeing on the quotation and design.


5. Preparation Work:

We handle all the paperwork for you, ranging from applying construction work permit from the property management company to  for buying liability insurance for the project. 


6. Drawing and Design : 

To ensure everything is well fitted, we will send a specialist for a second time site visit to measure every corner accurately. With the detailed measuring data, we provide you the furniture floor plan with precise layout.  After the confirmation of all the details, the perfect design blueprint - a 3D rendering is born. 


7. Comprehensive Planning : 

Before commencement of the project,  our team will plan demolition work, plastering work, plumbing and electrical work, carpentry work, painting work, glass work, windows work comprehensively with detailed construction drawings.


8. Materials Purchasing :

Our designer will explain the characteristics of each furnishing materials to you, then provide suggestions and to search the the best fit for you. If needed, we can walk you to store for purchasing 


9. On-site Work: 

Carry out demolition work, plastering work, plumbing and electrical work, carpentry work, painting work, glass work, windows work step by step according to the construction drawing. Our designers will on-site supervise the entire process in person.


10. Close Supervision : 

The project progress will be recorded through photos and videos, then be reported to you regularly via phone call or message. Our designer will closely supervise the works to ensure that the construction is on schedule and in line with the results. You are also welcome to supervise the work together with our designer and provide feedback.


11. Furniture Ordering and Delivery : 

Custom-made furniture usually requires longer manufacturing time (our experience design will explain client the lead time of  custom made furniture). To ensure the furniture can arrive and be installed on time during the middle and late stage of the project, we will start coordinating the furniture production or ordering right after site inspection. From designing the furniture to ordering to logistic arrangement, we will help you out with one-step stressed-free service.


12. Acceptance Check and Move In : 

After completing all the renovation works according to the schedule, our designer will check every spot with you. We ensure you move into the new house with a fantastic result.


13. Warranty Service : 

We are always stand by you even after the completion of the project.  You will enjoy one-year free structural warranty service and free consultation.  B.R.G. services go beyond value and space, because we care more about the long-term relationship with you.

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